Best answer: How do I add a user to a shared mailbox in Outlook 2016?

How do I add someone to a shared mailbox in Outlook 2016?

Create a shared mailbox and add members

  1. On the Shared mailboxes page, select + Add a shared mailbox. Enter a name for the shared mailbox. …
  2. Select Save changes. It may take a few minutes before you can add members.
  3. Under Next steps, select Add members to this mailbox. …
  4. Select the +Add members button. …
  5. Select Close.

How do I give someone access to a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Send email on behalf of another user

On the Mail tab, select Manage mailbox permissions. Next to Send on behalf, select Edit. Select Add permissions, then choose the name of the user or users that you want to allow to send email on behalf of this mailbox. Select Add.

How do I manage a shared mailbox in Outlook 2016?

Add a shared mailbox account to Outlook 2016

  1. In Outlook 2016 access File > Account Settings > Account Settings…
  2. On the Email tab select New… …
  3. Select Next to proceed.
  4. Change the email address to sign in with by selecting Sign in with another account.
  5. Sign in with your own account credentials and select Finish.

How do I give access to a shared mailbox?

Granting Access to Shared Mailbox Folders

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Right-click on Inbox and select Properties…. Select the Permissions tab. Select Add. Enter the name of the person whom you want to have access and then select their name in the search results list.

How do I manually add a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Windows 10 and Outlook 2016

  1. Navigate to the File tab in Outlook. …
  2. Highlight the account with access to the shared mailbox and press Change.
  3. Press More settings…
  4. Go to the Advanced tab and press Add…
  5. Enter the name or address of the shared mailbox and press OK.

How do I add a user to a shared mailbox in powershell?

Use the Add-MailboxPermission cmdlet to add permissions to a mailbox or to an Exchange Server 2016, Exchange Server 2019, or Exchange Online mail user. For information about the parameter sets in the Syntax section below, see Exchange cmdlet syntax.

How do I add an owner to a shared mailbox?

In the admin center, go to the Groups > Shared mailboxes page. Select the shared mailbox you want to edit, then select Members > Edit. Do one of the following: To add members, select Add members, search for or select a member to add, and then select Save.