Can you share a Dropbox account?

With Dropbox Family, you and your family can securely organize and share content, like photos, videos, and important documents. … Each Family plan member can access and share the files and folders stored in their Dropbox accounts from any device, using the Dropbox desktop app, mobile app, and

Can I give someone access to my Dropbox?

You can share files with anyone, including people without Dropbox accounts, by sharing a link to any file or folder. … Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Business customers can add passwords and expirations to shared links.

How do I add someone to my Dropbox account?

Add members to a user-managed group

  1. Sign in with your work account on
  2. Click your avatar (profile picture or initials).
  3. Click View team and groups.
  4. Select the name of the group you’d like to add members to.
  5. Click Add members.
  6. Enter the name of the person you’d like to invite, and click Add members.

How do I share my Dropbox?

Share on

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click All Files in the left column.
  3. Hover over the item you’d like to share.
  4. Click the share icon (person) that appears.
  5. Type the email or name of the person, people, or group you’d like to share with.
  6. Select Can edit from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click Share file or Share folder.
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How do I add a family member to Dropbox?

Invite new members

  1. Sign in to with your Family manager account.
  2. Click your avatar (profile picture or initials) in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Family.
  5. Click Invite Members.
  6. Enter the email address of the family member you want to invite and add a note, if you like. …
  7. Click Send Invites.

How many users can use the same Dropbox account?

Basic users can be signed into up to three devices at a time. Note: If you’re a Basic user, any devices you signed in to prior to March 2019 will remain on your device list, even if you’re signed into more than three.

Is Dropbox Public or private?

All files you store in Dropbox are private. Other people can’t see and open those files unless you purposely share links to files or share folders with others.

How do I join a shared Dropbox folder?

Request access to a shared folder

  1. Click the invitation link that you received.
  2. Click Request access.
  3. If you have more than one Dropbox account, select which account you’d like to add the shared folder to.
  4. Your request will be sent to the folder owner, and you’ll be notified if the owner accepts your request.

Can someone without Dropbox download a file?

Can I receive shared files when I don’t have a Dropbox account? You don’t need a Dropbox account to view the files in a shared link, and you can download those files to your computer.

Can there be two Dropbox accounts on one computer?

When you link two Dropbox accounts, you can easily switch between them anywhere you use Dropbox without signing out of one and signing into the other every time you want to switch. You can link your accounts, and switch between them, on and the Dropbox apps on any device.

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Can Dropbox be shared with family?

A place for everyone with space for everything

With our family plan, up to six members can back up files from their PCs or Macs, manage online account details with Dropbox Passwords, and save sensitive documents in Dropbox Vault—all under one bill. Sharing with loved ones has never been easier.

How do I collaborate with Dropbox?

How to collaborate with Dropbox Spaces

  1. Turn a folder into a Space.
  2. Share files or folders with other people.
  3. Manage shared files and folders.
  4. Add to a shared folder or Space.
  5. Edit a shared document.
  6. Add comments to a document, image, or PDF.
  7. Request files for a Space.
  8. Keep track of updates to a Space.