Frequent question: How do I share a file on Blackboard Collaborate?

How do I upload files to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

There are several icons at the bottom of the menu. The middle option is the ability to share your screen or application. Select Share Files from the menu Page 3 Select Add Files (1) to open a window (2) to select files from your computer, or drag a file to the space. Acceptable file types are images, PowerPoint or PDF.

Why can’t I Share Files on blackboard?

Applications need to be open to share them. If the application isn’t open, it won’t appear as an option to share. Go to the Share Application/Screen button. Spacebar or select Share Application/Screen button to open an operating systems dialog window or Share Application/Screen panel in Collaborate.

Why can’t I share my screen on Blackboard Collaborate?

Check that your browser is fully up-to-date. If you see the message that Application sharing is starting but the screen does not start sharing, stop and restart the application sharing. … Check your browser settings to make sure that the browser has permission to share your screen or application.

How do I share a folder on blackboard?

Share a folder with a user group

  1. Select the folder’s permissions icon. …
  2. Select Select Specific Users.
  3. Enter the username of each group member, separated by commas, in the Username field. …
  4. Select the appropriate permission check boxes for these users. …
  5. Select Submit to save your changes.
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How do you attach a file in Blackboard?

To add an attachment, select the “Attach a File” link. Select the “Browse” button and locate the file you want to attach. Select the file and click the “Open” button. You can now see that your file is attached.

How do I share screen on Blackboard Collaborate Mac?

Click on the Privacy tab and scroll down to Screen Recording. Check the box next to your preferred browser(s) in order to allow the browser to share and record your screen. You will then be prompted to restart your browser.

How do I share my ipad screen on Blackboard Collaborate?

In your Bb Collaborate session, navigate to the “Share Content” tab. Select on “Share Application/screen” in order to reveal the open applications on your computer (which can then be shared – you must have the application open for it to be available here.)

How do I enable screen share on Blackboard Collaborate Mac?

Open System Preferences, and select Security and Privacy. On the following screen, select the Privacy tab at the top, then in the left-hand menu select Screen Recording. Click the checkbox next to the application that you’re using for Blackboard Collaborate (ie., Google Chrome), then restart your web browser.