What can AntMiner s9 mine?

A: The AntMiner S9 can only mine coins based on the SHA256 alagorithm such as bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Ethereum is based on a Keccak algorithm and is therefor unable to be mined with an AntMiner S9.

Can Antminer t9 mine Ethereum?

No. The S9 can only mine coins that use the SHA256 algorithm, Ethereum uses a completely different algorithm. You COULD use one to mine something like Bitcoin then exchange that FOR Ethereum at almost any exchange though.

Can AntMiner S19 mine eth?

Antminer (especially the S9 and S19 Pro) is an ASIC designed to ONLY calculate the SHA256 algorithm. That is for mining Bitcoin, NOT Ethereum. Instead, something able to perform the totally different DaggerHash algorithm is required to mine Ethereum.

Can AntMiner S9 mine Zcash?

These models are custom built, so you need to purchase a new ASIC model for each new coin you’d like to mine. These machines can run you up to $3,000.00, like the Antminer S9 model.

Is mining bitcoin profitable in 2021?

As time goes on, mining Bitcoin becomes more difficult, as more miners compete for the next block reward. Today, mining Bitcoin as an individual is rarely profitable unless someone has access to extra low-cost electricity.

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Is crypto mining profitable 2021?

Mining Ethereum made increasingly more money over the course of 2020 and early 2021, with profits effectively doubling within a single month. During the mining of cryptocurrencies, a computer is trying to solve complicated logic puzzles to verify transactions in the blockchain.

Are Antminers still profitable?

According to data published on ASIC miner value, with the new price of BTC, even the old Antminer miners, which used to reach a maximum of 11.5 TH/s, have become profitable. The Antminer S9 is reported to be making less than $3 per day per machine, while the older versions are reportedly still making a loss.

Can an ASIC miner mine Ethereum?

First, Ethash, the algorithm used to mine ethereum, is already fairly ASIC-resistant. It is an adaptation of bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm and uses Decentralized Acyclic Graphs (DAG). … This means that mining coins may become a redundant in the future ethereum network.

How long does AntMiner S19 Pro last?

The lifespan of the Bitmain S19 Pro or the Whatsminer M30S+ is expected to last four years till the next halving.

What Cryptocurrency can AntMiner S19 mine?

Antminer S19 Pro is an SHA-256 algorithm mining equipment manufactured by Bitmain. It is able to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) with a maximum hashrate of 110TH/s for a power consumption of 3250W.

Can ASIC miners mine other coins?

To be picky, an ASIC miner can only mine coins for the ALGORITHM(s) it is designed for – a SHA256 miner like the Antminer S9 can mine ANY SHA256 basec coin, not just Bitcoin (there are ballpark a dozen such coins), a Scrypt miner can mine any Scrypt based coin (Litecoin and DOGE are the best known but there are quite a …

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Can AntMiner mine Dogecoin?

If you can afford it, consider buying an ASIC miner, as it is more profitable than a GPU. The top ASIC miners for Dogecoin mining are currently: Bitmain Antminer L3.

Can ASIC mine other coins?

Note that Scrypt ASICs can also be used to mine other coins based on the same algorithm; you can choose the most profitable coin to mine based on relative price and difficulty (a parameter the network sets to make sure a new block is mined every 2.5 minutes on average, whatever the total hash power).