How many shares Mukesh Ambani have?

The number of shares of RIL are approx. 644.51 crore (6.44 billion). The promoter group, the Ambani family, holds approx. 49.38% of the total shares whereas the remaining 50.62% shares are held by public shareholders, including FII and corporate bodies.

How much share does Mukesh Ambani own?

Mukesh Ambani holds a 50.4% stake in the company.

How much stake does Mukesh Ambani have in Reliance?

The Ambani family’s 49.14-per cent stake in RIL was worth around $107 billion on Friday, while the company’s market capitalisation (m-cap) reached $218 billion, according to numbers from the Capitaline database.

How much percentage does Mukesh Ambani have?

Mukesh Ambani owns approximately 45% of Reliance Industries, making his net worth approximately US$ 24 billion.

How many shareholders does Reliance have?


Shareholding Pattern – Reliance Industries Ltd.
Holder’s Name No of Shares % Share Holding
NoOfShares 6765994014 100%
Promoters 3322748048 49.11%
ForeignInstitutions 1623307470 23.99%

Who is the CEO of Reliance?

Mukesh Ambani (Jul 31, 2002–)
Reliance Industries/Генеральный директор
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